Why can’t I add items to my cart?

  • You have missed the ordering deadline. Orders for the following week are due by Saturdays at 12 pm.  Click “Get Notified” so we may email you our new menu as a reminder to order

When is my order due by?

  • All orders are due by 12 pm Saturday for delivery the following week. The date is selected by clicking on the “Monday” or “Thursday” food option.

What time will my meals be ready if I selected a pick up location?

  • Under our Pick Up/Delivery tab are the listed “approximate” delivery times. We suggest to call the location in advance if you will be arriving within those hours to confirm meals have been delivered.  A delivery confirmation for our pick up locations will not be sent.

What times will be meals be delivered if I selected “Delivery”?

  • Deliveries are made between 10am-2pm, we ask someone be present to receive delivery. Deliveries are based on our drivers route and subject to traffic.  If you are unable to receive the meals, we ask that instructions be provided with a cooler and ice.

How often do you change your menu?

  • A new menu is posted every Thursday morning for the following week.

I am missing a meal with my delivery?

  • We are so sorry for the inconvenience, send us a note and we will make it right or issue you a refund.

Why can’t I select delivery at checkout?

  • You may be out of our delivery area.   We currently deliver to town/kahala/pearl city area.  Please select one of our convenient pick up locations nearest you.

Do I have to be at the pick up location when the meals are delivered?

  • No, the business will hold your meals until you can pick them up during their business hours.

How long are my meals good for?

  • We recommend meals be consumed within 3 days of receiving them.  There are 2 delivery dates a week to ensure you always receive the  freshest meals.
  • Bulk chicken/sweet potato can be kept up to 10 days refrigerated in the vacuum sealed packages.

How long do I reheat my food?

  • The containers provided are microwave safe. Microwave strengths vary we suggest to start with 1 minute and proceed with 30 sec. increments until you have reached your desired temperature.
  • Protein / Starch / Vegetables reheat at different times/temperatures
  • Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish
    or eggs may increased your risk of food borne illness.
  •  All proper cooking temperatures are met in preparation, meals are prepared with reheating in mind

I have allergies, is there a list of ingredients available?

  • Yes all ingredients are available upon request, please inquire prior to ordering. Description does not include all ingredients.


Do you provide sponsorship for fitness athletes?

  • We currently do not provide sponsorships.